This is a monorepo managed using lerna in independent mode (each packages is versioned and published individually).

Install lerna globally with the following command

yarn global add lerna


We use yarn workspaces for developing. If you don't have yarn you can install it by running npm install -g yarn. Otherwise you can run the below to install all the dependencies.

yarn install

All subsequent installs should be quick after the first initial one.

Adding a New Package#

  1. Use plop to generate new package
yarn new
  1. Add link to new package in README


yarn start


Commits should use the Angular Commit Format. Scope should be one of the un-prefixed package names under ./packages/. If a commit applies to multiple packages, leave out the scope.


git commit -m "feat(api-axios): added new feature"


Make sure when you publish that there are no spooky things going on with the version bumps. Lerna will auto detect the changes up to the last commit and auto bump all the required packages accordingly.

lerna publish

Canary Relases#

You can alternatively run a canary release that will not impact the current latest tag version and can be used to test out changes.

lerna publish -c