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Native Form

Submit JSON data via a native form, not AJAX. Useful when you need to open a new page with a POST action. Version



npm install @availity/native-form


yarn add @availity/native-form


import nativeForm from '@availity/native-form';

async function onClick() {
await nativeForm(spaceId, params, formAttributes, type);

Required args

  • spaceId: String

Optional args

  • params: Object. Additional parameters you want sent in the post.
  • formAttributes: Object. Set/override the form attributes like target, method, and action.
    • method defaults to "post"
    • action will default to /ms/api/availity/internal/spc/magneto/sso/v1/${typeLower}/${spaceId} where typeLower is equal to "saml" or "openid"
    • target will default to "\_blank"
    • Additional attributes can be defined and should be valid on an HTML form element
  • type: String. Override the magneto integration type
  • clientId: String. Set the clientId required for API Connect. Defaults to "clientId"

import nativeForm from '@availity/native-form';

async function onEvent() {
try {
await nativeForm(
{ myExtraParam: 'myExtraParamValue' },
{ target: '_top' }
} catch (error) {

When nativeForm is called it wil create a native HTML form and submit it.