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A package providing a base authorizations class to help check which permissions a user has.




npm install @availity/authorizations-axios @availity/api-axios


yarn add @availity/authorizations-axios @availity/api-axios


AvAuthorizations uses AvPermissionsApi and AvRegionsApi which can be found in @availity/api-axios. You do not need to provide these yourself.

import AvAuthorizations from '@availity/authorizations-axios';

const authApi = new AvAuthorizations();


For all methods, if no region is passed in, defaults to current region.

isAuthorized(permissionId, region)

Returns true or false if the current user has access to the permission in the given region.

isAnyAuthorized(permissionIds, region)

Returns true or false if the current user has access to any of the permissions in the given region.

getPermission(permissionId, region)

Returns the permission object for the given permissionId and region.

getPermissions(permissionIds, region)

Returns an array of permission objects for the permissionIds in the given region.

getOrganizations(permissionId, region)

Returns the organizations array for the permissionId. Will be empty if not authorized.

getPayers(permissionId, organizationId, region)

Check the permissionId for an organization with organizationId. Returns its resources or an empty array.