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Wrapper for tus-js-client




npm install @availity/upload-core


yarn add @availity/upload-core


Required params

  • bucketId
  • customerId
  • clientId

Optional params

  • fileTypes: string array of file extensions to allow (error thrown if does not contain one of the types)
  • maxSize: maximum size allowed per file
  • metadata: object mapping metadata keys and values to add to the TUS upload
  • allowedFileNameCharacters: restrict the file name characters to a regex set
  • pollingTime: custom av scan polling time (default 5000ms)
  • maxAvScanRetries: amount of times to poll for av scan result before error is returned (default 10)

Upload object variables that can be set before call to start().

Each one of these should be an array of functions

  • onPreStart: each function should return a boolean. If false, upload-core will not make xhr request.
  • onProgress: occurs during initial and at various points of the Xhr call to backend.
  • onSuccess: each function is called once if there is a success.
  • onError: each function is called once if there is an error.
import Upload from '@availity/upload-core';

const upload = new Upload(file, {
bucketId: 'a',
customerId: 'b',
clientId: 'c',
fileTypes: ['.png', '.pdf'],
maxSize: 3e8,
metadata: { key: 'value' },
allowedFileNameCharacters: '_a-zA-Z0-9 ', // alphanumeric, spaces, underscore
pollingTime: 1000,